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Unlimited Commission with GK Telecom
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Gold Klub Loyalty Scheme
Not only do you earn great commissions but GK run a loyalty scheme so you can earn rewards in addition to your commission.



Welcome to GK Telecom


GK Telecom was founded over 14 years ago and has steadily grown into one of the largest and most reputable SIM and calling card distributors in the UK.

GK Telecom was founded in 2000 predominately focusing on calling cards. GK Telecom diversified into the pre paid SIM market in 2004 and over a period of time this market has developed into maturity and GK Telecom is now one of only four SIM Only Distributors in the UK selling in excess of 100,000 SIMS per month across various networks. Initially operating from serviced offices, GK Telecom has now relocated into its own freehold premises in the heart of Slough. GK and its staff prides itself on not being one of many, but a unique business in its own right with trustworthy business partners on many levels within the mobile industry.

What Makes GK Telecom Stand Out From the Crowd?

In 2011 GK Telecom introduced a bonus scheme for retailers called Gold Klub. For every SIM supplied by GK Telecom that gets connected retailers will also automatically receive 1 Gold Klub point in addition to receiving the usual commission. These points will accumulate and can be swapped for a wide range of prizes. The more SIMs that are sold and connected the better the prize you can claim. At GK Telecom we also pride ourselves in having a loyal and honest reputation that is unrivalled. Click here for more information about Gold Klub.

What’s Next?

If you would like to become part of the GK family and enjoy unrivalled levels of service and our vast experience in the market please complete the Application Form and Self Billing Agreement. The Self Billing agreement allows us to pay commission for your topped up sims directly into your bank account and means you don’t need to invoice us for it – thereby making life a lot easier.