Fulfillment Services


GK Telecom provide a complete fulfilment solution for all your fulfilment needs. Everything from picking, packing to dispatching. GK Telecom distribute in excess of 200,000 SIMs each month as well as several other products. Our team are quick, efficient, reliable and conscientious.

GK Telecom can fulfill your complete despatch requirements on a variety of products. We have a dedicated fulfilment team who are highly systematic and are experienced in dealing with high volume and complicated mailing requirements. Any project, whether it requires bespoke packaging designing and producing, serial tracking of items and web service interface to allow speedy despatch can be arranged.

Whether you have an existing mailing that needs sorting and sending out or whether you need help with design and printing of your mailing we can offer you a full fulfillment service.

Please contact Pauline Heery on pauline.heery@gktelecom.com or 01753 535 383 if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Case Study: Samba Communications

Samba Communications offer a unique service for internet users. In exchange for watching adverts customers build internet browsing credit. So as a reward for watching adverts users will be able to surf the web completely free of charge. To enable them to use this service users need instructions and a Samba SIM card for their iPad or dongle.

Samba were looking for a reliable, professional and organised fulfilment company. Their requirements were very unique and had unanswered questions on how to fulfil their distribution service when they teamed up with GK. They needed users signing up to their service to be sent a Samba micro-SIM card and instructions on its use. GK Telecom and Samba worked together to come up with a solution that was cost effective and worked for the end user.

Samba used the design services on offer from GK Telecom and together compiled a welcome letter and functional SIM backing card for sending to users. GK Telecom’s fulfilment team expertly glue dotted each SIM card to a backing card and scanned each SIM card to keep track of what had been sent out to who. Each user was sent a micro-SIM and information in a protective jiffy bag.
Web services provided by Stratford Consulting means an end to end seamless ordering process has been achieved..

GK arranged the following to ensure Samba’s project ran smoothly:

  • Design of  all packaging SIM backing card and welcome letter
  • Print and delivery of the above
  • Glue dotting of SIM cards to the SIM backer card
  • Management of order data
  • Scan each SIM card and track
  • Seal items securely and post
  • Provide daily reporting in live environment
  • Weekly and monthly review of the project to allow for print changes, technology changes and overall effectiveness
  • Pricing structure to encompass all items