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Gold Klub
Great Commissions
All SIM and calling cards distributed, sold and connected via GK carry some of the most competitive commissions in the marketplace.
Gold Klub Loyalty Scheme
Not only do you earn great commissions but GK run a loyalty scheme so you can earn rewards in addition to your commission



Join the Exclusive Gold Klub

How does Gold Klub Work?

For every SIM that is connected and topped via your outlet you receive Gold Klub loyalty points. You must accumulate at least 50 points to gain a prize. There are no limits to the prizes you can claim as long as you have the points to swap them for. You can keep an eye on how you are doing in the Abacus system. Your commission statements also will give you a points balance. Once you are ready to claim email your reward choices to


Swap Your Points for Prizes!

Below are just some of the rewards up for grabs. The number with each reward is how many points you will need for your prize. The more SIMs you sell, the more points you will get and the prizes keep getting better and better!

Gold Klub Prizes

Terms & Conditions

■ If you haven’t already done so you must activate your membership by emailing
■ You will receive your commission as normal. Gold Klub rewards are an addition to your commission as a bonus for your loyalty and continued relationship with GK Telecom.
■ Points began accumulating from 1st July 2011. SIMs must be activated as well as topped up with the applicable network minimum to achieve additional commission. Points accumulate until further notice. Points are achieved when the SIM is topped up for the first time (unless otherwise stated) to the applicable network minimum. Points are equivalent to approximately 60p’s worth of prize. Incentive can be withdrawn at any time but balances of points may still be redeemed until 30 days after.
■ Points can be traded in at any time after the first commission payment is made to you by GK Telecom (this is usually 6-8 weeks after trading commences). If you connect 5 or less SIMs in a calendar month the payment will roll over to the following month until it reaches our minimum payment amount of £5.
■ All prizes are subject to availability. If the item is not available we will ensure an alternative product is sent of equal, or in most cases, better value.
■ Prizes can only be delivered direct to the business address we have on file for you.
■ No cash alternative will be offered for the points you have accumulated.
■ This scheme is only available to Gold Klub members and is not available to all GK Telecom customers.
■ Points are only available to retailers where SIMs have been supplied on a ‘Free of charge’ basis.
■ GK Telecom aims to supply all claimed rewards within 28 days of receipt of order. Larger value rewards may take longer.
■ Points can be used as you wish e.g. if you have 1000 points you can choose whether to swap it for a 1000 point reward or 2 x 500 point rewards etc. To claim your reward please visit
■ Gold Klub is an exclusive preferred retailer scheme for GK Telecom approved customers.
■ GK Telecom UK Ltd is a VAT registered company, and as such, all prizes within this document are inclusive of VAT at 20%.
■ GK Telecom, Cranbourne House, 135 Bath Road, Slough SL1 3UX. Tel: 01753 568441.
■ Gold Klub is a registered trademark.
■ E&OE.