Free PAYG SIM Card
Unlimited Commission on EE & O2
Earn even more with GK Telecom. Unlimited top ups = unlimited commission. Terms & Conditions Apply.
Earn £3 on First Top Up
Earn £3 on first top on EE, O2, Three and Virgin SIM cards.
Terms & Conditions Apply.



Promotions from GK Telecom


Unlimited Commission on O2 and EE PAYG SIMs with GK Telecom

Spring 2016 brings you UNLIMITED COMMISSION. There is now no limit to your commission with GK Telecom on O2 & EE PAYG SIMs. We will pay you £3 for every top up on O2 and EE SIM cards supplied by GK Telecom through your outlet.

Terms & Conditions: To qualify for unlimited commission you must activate 20 or more SIMs on that network per month. A top up is the end user crediting their SIM with £10 or more. Promotion runs 1st April 2016 until 30th June 2016.


Earn £3 on First Top Up

Connect over 100 Three PAYG SIMs in a 3 month period and receive some great rewards. Just take a look below.

Terms & Conditions: Promotion runs 1st April 2016 until 30th June 2016. Automatically earn £3 on the first top up across selected MNO's. 20+ connections must be made per calendar month to achieve this. You will received your Gold Klub loyalty points in addition to their as normal.