world chat
Call Abroad for Less
Call family and friends all over the world from just 1p a minute with the World Chat app.
Get Five International Minutes Free
When you download World Chat you’ll automatically get 5 mins credit. Recommend friends and both receive an extra £2.50 credit.



World Chat App

With World Chat you get:

  • Five minutes free to call any country from the UK, to get you started.
  • Some of the best international rates in the market.
  • A clear view on how much you’ll pay.
  • Free credit when you invite friends to use the app.
  • Crystal clear call quality. No need to connect to wifi.

An easy to use app that removes the need for typing out long PIN numbers or swapping SIMs. World Chat is available for everyone in the UK whatever your network.

Simply download the app, sign up and start making international calls. You can call people in your international contacts list or just dial directly from the app. Once you've used up your free minutes it's easy to top up. Plus, rates to all destinations are clearly shown, so you can keep an eye on your credit.

Watch the Video Which Explains More